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Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers

Flip up welding screens

Flip up welding screens

Eh400 Stingers (Wet welding electrode holders)

Eh400 Stingers
(Wet welding electrode holders)

Hydroweld manufacture and supply a full range of wet welding, Cutting, water-arc gouging and diving equipment which is for sale and hire.


To complement our Hydroweld FS welding electrodes, Hydroweld manufacture specialist wet welding equipment including flip up welding screens, electrode holders, circuit breakers, electrode quivers etc. Hydroweld also stock and supply all other associated welding equipment such as grinders, grinding wheels, die/peanut grinders, tungsten burrs, wire brushes, chipping hammers, welding cable, connectors, clamps, welding electrodes and power sources etc. Hire/sale of diving systems/equipment, underwater welding cutting, gouging and all associated equipment

Diving equipment
Hydroweld can provide all of the diving equipment required for carrying out wet welding projects or can hire individual components of it on a sale or hire basis. Some of this equipment is manufactured or assembled by Hydroweld and includes items such as air diving panels, diving umbilicals, breathing air compressors, dive controls and other associated equipment.

Cutting and gouging consumables and equipment
Hydroweld carry a stock of cutting and gouging consumables and equipment including Oxy-arc, thermic lance, water-arc gouging carbons, Oxy-hydrogen etc. Hydroweld can also source and obtain virtually all known brands of cutting consumables at competitive prices. Underwater cutting equipment can also be purchased or hired through Hydroweld, cutting rigs can be supplied in a length to suit a client's requirement. In addition to the equipment detailed in the welding section Hydroweld carry a stock of high flow gas regulators, hose fittings, cutting torches and spare parts

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